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Table of Contents (Jan 2015)


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Voices de la Luna, Volume 7, Number 2

Editor’s Note, James R. Adair Cover Page Art, Sharon Bibbee

Featured Poet

Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos: Como Te Vistieron – El Cenote de Sandra, Natalia Treviño Between Wings, Natalia Treviño

Featured Interview

Living the Unedited Life: An Interview with Alma Luz Villanueva, Octavio Quintanilla

Collaboration in Literature & the Arts

Creative Writing Reading Series It Could Be Verse [2] brown, Sonya Barrera Eddy

Book Reviews

The Good Lord Bird (James McBride), Mo H Saidi The Turtle of Oman (Naomi Shihab Nye), Mo H Saidi If I Go Missing (Octavio Quintanilla), Gerard Robledo Multitasking for Survival: A Review of Solecism (Rosebud Ben-Oni), Philip M. Arevalo Braided Stream: A Poetry Duet (Janice Rebecca Campbell and Toni Heringer Falls), Cyra S. Dumitru Shadow Knight's Mate (Jay Brandon), James R. Adair

Youth Poems: HEB Youth Poetry Contest Winners

Voice of the Lagoon, Fiona Burmeister-Morton Delightful Things, Suleiman Reed Voice, Melody Mireles My Voice, Alexander John Hermann Winter Storm, Ashleigh Engelbert Dead, Now Alive, Noel Trimm

Select Poems

Sotol, Larry D. Thomas At the Serbian Orthodox Church, Jasmina Wellinghoff A Cold Affront, John Grey Packed Close, Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky Pb (Plumbum), Jean Jackson Taking the Ashes, Taking the Ice, Megan Toups Dragon's Breath, Janet McDaniel Winter Daydream Interrupted, Lauren Walthour 13, Mitchell Grabois The Road Home to Arkansas, Toni Heringer Falls Friedrich Park, Janice Rebecca Campbell Chicago, Carl Sandburg For All the Innocent Victims, Naomi Shihab Nye Luz, Oscar Montes Autumn Flesh, Stephanie Niembro Simonetta, Tom Murphy Carla's Litany, Paul Pineda Did You Play Jenga? Maria Free Desert Poems, Brandon Marlon Golden Youth, Ann Howells Stillborn, Martha K. Grant The Voice of Your Brother's Blood, Harold Rodinsky Bucket, Ken Hada Reading The Guardian before Heading to School, Hank Jones Honky Tonk in Cleveland, Ohio, Carl Sandburg Homage for H. Palmer Hall, Vincent Spina Neighbors, Carl Sandburg

Editors' Poems

Song for New Orleans, Carol Coffee Reposa Bandelier Revisited, Joan Strauch Seifert You Are Not Me, Mo H Saidi Along the River Walk, James R. Adair

International Poems

On the Bridge, Majid Naficy Im Nebel, Hermann Hesse (In the Fog, trans. Brigitte Saidi and Sylvia Aken)

Art & Culture in the City

The Art and Studios of Danville Chadbourne Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum The Briscoe Western Art Museum Poetry & Arts Events Poetry & Arts Places

Poetry Therapy

Natural Difference, Vivan Kearney Untitled, Lars Hundere All Nature Proclaims God's Glory, Milo Kearney Only God Knows, Amelia Cantu The Burning Fire, Melina Rios The Burning Fire, Angela Graf Untitled, Lauren Nicole Barton The Treadmill, Kimberly Chini Words Are Animals Alive with a Will of Their Own, Anita Bryant

Art Therapy

Visual Journaling, Maripat Munley Visual Journal, Frances Ford Visual Journal, Richelle Vasquez I Am Beautiful, Frances Ford For Lois on Her 70th Birthday, Maripat Munley

Poetry & Dreams

Fourth Function, James Brandenburg Turning Back, James Brandenburg

Emerging Writers

Interview with Joe Jiménez, Leah Gómez The Truth about the Moon According to Your Drunk Tía Who Dances a Slow Polka on Your Buelito's Wooden Porch, Joe Jiménez

News & Notes

Emergency Poet Poetry Out Loud Contest

Short Fiction

The Return, Edward Alexander Apollona's Cold Secret, Adrian d'Aubert The Dead Spot, Mickey Redus When the Wind Changed, Joan Strauch Seifert

Serialized Novel

Persian Marchers, Chapter Twenty-Five (Continued), Mo H Saidi

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