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Table of Contents (Oct 2015)


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Voices de la Luna, Volume 8, Number 1

Editor’s Note, James R. Adair Cover Page Art, Lyle Adair

Bios of Selected Contributors

Featured Poet

Washing in the Sangam – Praise Nothing – There Is a Fountain, Joshua Robbins When I Say Hymn, Joshua Robbins

Featured Interview

Questions for Jim Harter, James R. Adair

Collaboration in Literature & the Arts

Creative Writing Reading Series Doilies, Stephanie Schoellman

Book Reviews

Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee), James R. Adair Redeployment (Phil Klay), Mo H Saidi End of the Tour (a film by James Ponsoldt), Santo Randazzo

Art & Culture in the City

McNay Art Museum Luminaria San Antonio Museum of Art Reposa Receives 2015 Arts & Letters Award

Youth Poems

Feeling Free, Erika H. Untitled, Cauldron Stratton Hola, Madre Mía, Ángel It's Hard to Imagine, Sophia Otero

Select Poems

I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed, Emily Dickinson Wazamba Mtuta, Konstantin Kuzminsky You've Come Back to Me, Laura Kasischke The God Who Loves You, Carl Dennis The Mermaid, Elizabeth Raby Adagietto II, a Love Song: On the Untraveled Landscape of the Symphonist, Catherine-Grace Patrick Mozart in the Tropics, Clarence Wolfshohl Ever This Night Be at My Side, Tara L. Carnes Soon, Elina Petrova Raindrops, Maya Maison Asa’s Doves and Melons, Jim LaVilla-Havelin Two Poems about Night (and Coyotes): A Night Like This – Like a Fenceless Sky, Ken Hada Friday Evening at Tim's Garage, Wally Rees In the Back of the Stickholm National Cathedral, Cyra S. Dumitru The Banks O' Doon, Robert Burns Cezanne Squared: Atelier Cezanne Aix en Provence, Deborah Guzzi Border Violence, Elizabeth Perdomo Dreaming in Noir: Chapter One hundred seventy, Fernando Flores Mole Negro de Oaxaca: Portrait with Monkeys, Frida Kahlo 1943, Mobi Warren What Could Have Been, Tom Keene Genius in Beauty, Dante Gabriel Rossetti Trade Bait, Mark J. Mitchell Basket, Michael Baldwin Asleep on a Whim, Joyce Collins how things work, rohn not having ever written a love poem, Sharon Ankrum Basic English, Konstantin Kuzminsky African Relative of Komodo Dragons Thriving in Florida, Walter Bargen Noli Me Tangere, Lesbia Harford Summer Lovers, Moumin Quazi

International Poems

Scarecrows, James Brandenburg (Vogelscheuchen, trans. Hejo Müller) Variaciones del alma, Alfredo Zaldívar (Variations on the Soul, trans. Margaret Randall)

Editors’ Poems

The Passport, Lou Taylor Door Ex Machina?, Joan Strauch Seifert Lenin's Tomb, Carol Coffee Reposa My First Week in Cape Town, James R. Adair

Poetry Therapy

Friends, Vivian Kearney Untitled, Amanda Fuentes My Feelings on the Line, Audrey Worth Your Tears, Lilia Anne Reynero Untitled, Dodie Wendel Untitled, Betty Gonzales 1950s Texas, Milo Kearney The Hurry Cane, Peter Holland Untitled Haiku, Barbara Palacios Waiting Not an Option, Janie Alonso Untitled, Kimberly Galvan Untitled, Megan Hernandez

Art Therapy

Mandalas, Maripat Munley Mandala, Barbara Palacios Mandala, Betty Gonzales Mandala, Caro Rodriguez Mandala, Cynthia Pacheco Mandala, Kayla Rogers Mandala, Tara Layer

Poetry & Dreams

Old Jerusalem, James Brandenburg Abbotabad, James Brandenburg

News & Notes

UTSA Awarded $300,000 to Study Monarchs Kuzminksy, A Poet, Stuart Heady Poetry & Prose of Laura Kasischke, Mo H Saidi Basic Poetic Virtues: Master Poetry Class with Carl Dennis in Chautauqua, Mo H Saidi Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Turn 400 San Antonio Missions Declared a World Heritage Site Censorship Yesterday and Today Journalist Wins 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature


An American in Russia, Carol Coffee Reposa What I Learned on My Summer Vacation, Ten Years Ago, Moumin Quazi

Short Fiction

An Evening with Jack, Woodrow Hopper

Serialized Novel

The Marchers, Chapters 28 and 29, Mo H Saidi

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