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Voices de la Luna, Volume 8, Number 3

Poetry Editor's Note, Carol Coffee Reposa Cover Page Art, Pamela Winfield

Featured Poet

Cop Math - Effective Communication for Senior Patrol Officers - Dog Remembers Night, Sarah Cortez

Featured Interview

Questions for Bryce Milligan, Carol Coffee Reposa continued

UTSA Featured Poet

Possessed, Darrell Stafford

Book Review

Thomas Jefferson's Qurʾan (Denise A. Spellberg), James R. Adair

Art & Culture in the City

McNay Art Museum San Antonio Museum of Art Witte Museum

Youth Poetry

Art I Saw, Martin* Being Me, Andrea* I Have My Doubts, Haddie* Boston, MA, Kiki* I Must Be, McKenna* My Twin, Jenna *HEB Youth Poetry Contest Honorable Mention

Select Poems

On the Death of Anne Brontë, Charlotte Brontë Holding Clinic in Sabana Real, Chris Yan Dancing Polcas in the Afternoon, Susana Nevarez-Marquez Conjugation, Chris Ellery Ancestors, Ken Hada Hopelessness, James Piatt The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Langston Hughes Slue Foot Sue Gets a Pair of Cowgirl Boots, Katherine Hoerth For the Union Dead, Hempstead, Texas, Christopher Woods The Swing is Blowingin the Breeze, Glen Wesley Wimberley Mirrors, Alice Frederick It's a Tough Life, Petrarch, trans. Sir William Jones Smear of Minnow-Shine, Larry D. Thomas When the Raven's Wing, Toni Falls Visiting a Graveyard, John Grey The Forest of Beech Trees, Yuxi Lin-Yuxi Nudging and Nagging, Ndaba Sibanda Song of a Man Who Has Come Through, D. H. Lawrence Child, Abigail Rhodes Agave, Robert Ross The Daughter Who Left, Holly Day Necessary Work, Bryce Milligan Invictus, William Ernest Henley A Turkish Ode, Mesihi, trans. Sir William Jones

Editors’ Poems

Vacation Vacillation, Joan Strauch Seifert Homeless, Carol Coffee Reposa Anodyne, Mo H Saidi

International Poems

Mi Hombre Mexicano, Angelica Guillen (My Mexican Man, trans. Gerard Robledo) Echoes from an Invisible World, James Brandenburg (Signale aus einen unsichtbaren Welt, trans. Hejo Müller)

Stone in the Stream/Roca en el Río

Against, Jim LaVilla-Havelin Mud, Jim LaVilla-Havelin Epistle del Amor: Love Letter to My City, Kamala Platt White-Faced Ibis - Female Anhinga - Black-Necked Stilt, Lucia LaVilla-Havelin Reddish Egret, Lucia LaVilla-Havelin

Poetry Therapy

What Is It That I Fear Most? Alan Beatty What Can You, Vivian Kearney Untitled, Laura Padilla The Time before Death, Kabir, trans. Robert Bly Beyond, Judith Christy Williamson Iridescent…, Tatjana Debeljacki Untitled, Chad Whitehead Untitled, joshayala91 The Chakra, Anthony Castro Back on Track, Z. Darrow

Art Therapy

Freedom, Richelle Vasquez Lost Friendship, Amanda Collins Try, Frances Rosales Ford Alice Wondering, Tara Layer My War, Miranda Herrera

Poetry & Dreams

In the Country, James Brandenburg Accustomed to Dark, James Brandenburg

News & Notes

The Plight of the Working Poor in America Reposa Inducted into Texas Institute of Letters Robledo Honored as 2016 Macondista Jiménez Wins Poetry Prize San Antonio Appoints New Poet Laureate Harper Lee, 1926-2016 Umberto Eco, 1932-2016 Voices de la Luna Annual Gala Taylor Steps Down as Executive Director, Pineda Takes Over Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on U.S. $20 Bill Folger Shakespeare Library Sends First Folios on Tour First Folio Discovered on Scottish Island World Wide Web Turns 25


Why Write? Carol Coffee Reposa continued Texas Youth Artist: Kyle Ma, Lauren Walthour

Short Fiction

Dog on Car, Thomas Porter continued Millie, Dave Northrup continued continued continued continued The Law of Life, Jack London continued continued

Serialized Novel

The Marchers, Chapter 30, Mo H Saidi continued continued continued

San Antonio Small Presses

Wings Press Word Design Studio

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Brief Bios of Selected Contributors Idioma: Shakespearean Firsts, James R. Adair