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Table of Contents (August 2016)


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Voices de la Luna, Volume 8, Number 4

Editor's Note, James R. Adair Cover Page Art, Adam Green

Featured Poet

High Country Caravan – Nocturne for Bellsong and Train Horns – The Watch – There Is No Cure for Desire, Bryce Milligan Advent's End, Bryce Milligan

Featured Interview

Questions for Donna Dobberfuhl, Lauren Walthour continued

Collaboration in Literature & the Arts

Creative Writing Reading Series

UTSA Featured Poet

Scales on the Harp, Alexis Haight

Book Reviews

The Train to Crystal City (Jan Jarboe Russell), Carol Coffee Reposa The High Mountains of Portugal (Yann Martel), James R. Adair

Art & Culture in the City

Interview with Rick Riordan, Lyn Belisle

Youth Poetry

Kalua Pork, Dylan The Jellyfish in the Sky, Mia The Grandfather Clock, Sarah I Have My Doubts, Haddie My Skin, Olivia Valenzuela This Is, Glory Fisher-Jones Mom, Zion Talavera

Select Poems

Father William, Lewis Carroll Nocturne for Rattlesnakes and Lechuzas, Joe Jiménez Kicking Super Hero, Ndaba Sibanda Aging, James G. Piatt Umbral, Vickie Vértiz To the Little Girl I Can't Quite Recall, David Bowles In Defense of a Beautiful Mind, Julie Gates Mash, Alice Frederick Wordless with My Father, Tom Keene Honoring Joy Harbo, Abbie Massey Cotrell A Clear Midnight, Walt Whitman Poetry Class, John Grey Leveling, Alan Berecka In Defense of Harlots, Loretta Diane Walker Visiting the Nursing Home, 1962, Elizabeth Raby Yellow Jackets, Jeffrey DeLotto I See It on Your Arms, Angela Consolo Mankiewicz The Last R-Train of the Day, Yuxi Lin-Yuxi Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, Eugene Field Easter, 1916, William Butler Yeats Rio San Pedro, Peter Holland O. Henry Breathes Here, Carol Siskovic San Pedro Creek, Lea Lopez Fagin

International Poems

Manchmal, Hejo Müller (Sometimes, trans. James Brandenburg) America! Tear Up This Bloody Amendment (), Majid Naficy τί ἐστιν ἡ ἀγάπη; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (What Is Love? trans. James R. Adair)

Stone in the Stream/Roca en el Río

Six Brown Pelicans, Toni Heringer Falls On the Edge of Town, Janice Rebecca Campbell If I Had Attended, d. ellis phelps How Many Painters Does It Take to Change a Nation, d. ellis phelps

Editors’ Poems

Genesis II, Mo H Saidi CalGarSi, Joan Strauch Seifert E. B. White Remembered, Carol Coffee Reposa

Poetry Therapy

Evolution of a Poetry Therapist, Cyra S. Dumitru In the Shelter of Poetry, Joshua Madrid Betwixt and Between, Joshua Madrid Under the Gloomy Moon, Joshua Madrid To Dad on Father's Day, 2016, Martin Riley The Immigrant Child, Kathleen Henry One Day, Lynn Navarro

Art Therapy

Instant, Frances Rosales Ford The Change, Richelle Vasquez Untitled, Frances Rosales Ford Untitled, Susan Herrera Untitled, Trichele Allen

Poetry & Dreams

Return to Kentucky, James Brandenburg When I Was a Child, James Brandenburg

News & Notes

Taiwan Elects First Woman President, Alice Frederick Obama and Abe Visit Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park

Roald Dahl at 100

San Antonio Poetry Archive, Alice Frederick Thanks to Voices Intern Alice Frederick

Elie Wiesel, 1928-2016


A Confederacy of Dunces Revisited, Lou Taylor Who Is the Matriarchal Figure? Using Biography to Explore Katherine Anne Porter’s “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall,” Andrea Kraus-Lozano Writers Take a Walk along the San Pedro Creek, Don Mathis

Short Fiction

Phineas Talbot, Brian Kenneth Swain continued continued continued continued True Silence, Graeme Carey continued

Serialized Novel

The Marchers, Chapter 31, Mo H Saidi continued

San Antonio Small Presses

Wings Press Word Design Studio

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Brief Bios of Selected Contributors Idioma: Brexit, James R. Adair