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Table of Contents (November 2016)


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Voices de la Luna, Volume 9, Number 1

Editor's Note, James R. Adair Cover Page Art, Jim Harter

Featured Poet

Madre de Dios – River Road – Going the Distance, Rod Carlos Rodriguez Homo Poeticus, Rod Carlos Rodriguez

Featured Interview

Questions for Ted Kooser, Lauren Walthour

Collaboration in Literature & the Arts

Creative Writing Reading Series

UTSA Featured Poet

Commuting, Stephanie Schoellman

Book Reviews

Under a Lone Star (Ann Howells), Jeff Santosuosso Outcasts: A Novel of Mary Shelley (Sarah Stegall), James R. Adair

Art & Culture in the City

San Pedro Creek Improvements Project McNay Art Museum San Antonio Museum of Art

Youth Poetry

The Tide, Dylan The Ghosts, Kirsten Calm after the Storm, Noel Classic American Crop, Olivia Valenzuela Red, White, Blue, Zion Talavera Walking Shadow, Jennifer Delacruz Brown Boys, Matthew Lopez To Call Myself a Mother, Samantha Garza

Select Poems

Bobber, Ted Kooser Those Winter Sundays, Robert Hayden La Llorona, Marlene Galvan

Bridal Ballad, Edgar Allan Poe Óyeme, Eduardo del Rio The Angel at El Milagrito, Tom Keene Rows, Rita L. Ortiz A Broken Chancel with a Broken Cross, David Bowles Woman in Black, Norma Liliana Valdez Rekindling Spirit, K.B. Eckhardt Twilight by the Millrace, John Grey Twilight Over the Hills, James Piatt The Twilight Turns, James Joyce Epiphany at the Majestic, Chris Ellery Černý’s Peeing Men, Chip Dameron Eastern Avenue, Vickie Vértiz Nana on a Camel, Elizabeth Lovett Colledge Blind Faith, Alan Berecka Wilderness, Harold Rodinsky Raw Flesh and Bare Bones, Julie Gates Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley A Prayer In Thessaly, John Hay No es Syria, es Oaxaca, Diana Wilson By the Time a Writer Turns 50, Lisa Adela Garcia December 2014, Taylor Collier Remember Thee! Remember Thee! Lord Byron Time Weaver, Gretchen Rose Queen of Hearts, Ideen Kiafar My Husband, A Distant Relation, Lynn Hoggard Surface Areas, M-A Auclair Daddy’s Slippers, Sophia DiGonis

International Poems

Das Motiv, Hejo Müller (The Motif, trans. James Brandenburg) Sonetto CCXVIII, Francesco Petrarca (Sonnet CCXVIII, trans. James R. Adair)

Stone in the Stream/Roca en el Río

A Come-Along & Dave’s Crane, Rebecca Burroughs Yellow Garden Spider, Argiope aurantia, Janice Rebecca Campbell

Spira Mirabilis (r = aeθb), Mobi Warren we are FEARLESS seeing in the dark, Paloma De Los Nohpalli

Editors’ Poems

Camaraderie, Octavio Quintanilla The House on Prude Street, Joan Strauch Seifert Stranded in a Baltimore Airport, Carol Coffee Reposa The Mole, James R. Adair A for Air, Mo H Saidi

Poetry Therapy

Lost, J.C. Williamson The Immigrant Child, Kathleen Henry Muddy Waters, Rose Wood M. We Are, Janiece Lively Untitled, Heidi Heinz Customize, Sasha Guzman A Cowboy’s Home, Josh Divin Peace Come to Me, Lynn Navarro Grade School, Milo Kearney Known Routes, Vivian Kearney

Art Therapy

God’s Beautiful Angel, Amanda Collins Lovely Place, Frances Rosales Ford Untitled, Rosa Ramirez Untitled, Cheryl Reed

Poetry & Dreams

Firing Squad, James Brandenburg Philosopher’s Stone, James Brandenburg

News & Notes

Star Trek Turns 50 Centenary of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” Brandenburg Certified as Jungian Analyst Nobel Prize for Literature Awarded to Bob Dylan


Living with OCD, Jacqui Méndez continued continued continued continued

Short Fiction

The Metamorphosis (excerpt), Franz Kafka / translated by David Wyllie The Moons of Our Dreams, Jonathan Gonzalez continued continued

Creative Nonfiction

Memory, Dorothy Long Parma

Fulfillment: Diary of an Amazonian Picker, Paul Juhasz continued continued

San Antonio Small Presses

Wings Press Word Design Studio

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Brief Bios of Selected Contributors Idioma: Sometimes Words Have No Meaning, James R. Adair