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About Voices de la Luna

Voices de la Luna is a quarterly poetry and arts magazine. Founded in 2008 by San Antonio writers Mo Saidi and Jim Brandenburg, the magazine is the premier literary magazine in South Texas. All of us who are involved with the production of the magazine and with the many community services offered by Voices staff, board members, and contributors believe that poetry heals and arts advance the quality of life.


Mission Statement

Voices de la Luna inspires and promotes poetry and arts and serves as a platform for all poets and artists to share their work with others. It further uses poetry and arts for both educational and healing purposes in the community.


Community Work

In addition to publishing a magazine, the Voices de la Luna organization works in the community in a variety of different ways. Some of these include:


Technical Information

ISSN 2168-4316 (print)
ISSN 2168-4324 (online)


Who We Are

Board of Directors Michael J. Burke, Chair Allan F. Smith, Vice Chair James R. Adair Lyn Belisle Hugh Fitzsimons Tracy Moore Debra Peña Rajam Ramamurthy Carol Coffee Reposa Sharon Martin Turner Advisory Board Mo H Saidi, Co-Founder, Editor Emeritus James Brandenburg, Co-Founder, Editor Emeritus Ivan Becka Richard Becker Angelika Jansen Brown Louise Cantwell Mike Gilliam Harmon Kelley Harriet Kelley Habib Nathan Darby Riley David Shulman Robert D. Sohn Staff & Editors Executive Editor James R. Adair Executive Director Carla Pineda Poetry Editor Carol Coffee Reposa Prose Editor Debra Peña Associate Editor Gerard S. Robledo Graphic Editor Ramin Samandari Editors Emeriti Mo H Saidi James Brandenburg Assistant Copyeditor Andrea Kraus-Lozano Financial & Editorial Office 5150 Broadway #149 San Antonio, TX 78209 Corporate Office Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine Luminous Counseling Center 1132 W. Blanco San Antonio, TX 78232 Phone: 210-544-1711